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Your Organic Gisborne Chicken

Why not purchase one of Jen's chickens and leave Jen to raise her, feed her, house her and keep her safe. You will receive all her eggs, in dozen packages, via Australia Post. 

Chicken's Fully Organic Diet

This calendar shows the daily foods fed to Your Chickens. On a regular basis the chickens have access to Layer's Pellets, and also Grower's Pellets, as well as shell grit for calcium and healthy egg shells.  I have also mixed into their pellets, some corn and sun flower seeds, which are treats. 


Chicken Daily Special Additions

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Jen's Gisborne Organic Adventure

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Chicken Daily Special Additions

So far today I have fed the chickens with cut up pieces of pumpkin and some left over dog food. There was still some pieces of lettuce on the ground from yesterday. Barnvelder is still enjoying the babies growers pellets. 

All day

Jen's Gisborne Organic Adventure

Ms Silkie and her two day old chicks.

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I love my chicken owners, so feel free to visit on the first Sunday of every month, directly after the Old Gisborne Market 3pm to 5pm.


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