Connecting and Creating After Trauma

Story of my abuse by a stranger, its effect on my life as a child and as an adult. My journey through mental health challenges and my recovery to become a passionate artist and advocate.  this video is followed by Connecting: a conversation, then Connecting: Sinnerman and last Connecting: Looping Voices. 'Stories with truth', 'life's adventures', 'art experience'.

Connection: Sinnerman

The character is responding to music, hearing voices from her childhood, accusations and cruel threats, she is trying to respond by engaging with Nina Simone’s version of Sinnerman. 'Stories with truth', 'life's adventures', 'art experience'.

Connection: Looping voices. Stories with truth!

Hearing voices is a natural human experience, yet trauma stress can cause the voice hearer to distort, disorder and torment themselves with inner voices. The character is tormented by the looping voice repeating over and over an accusation she remembers from childhood, ‘you wanted it’. 'Stories with truth', 'life's adventures', 'art experience'.

Connection: a Conversation

A regular conversation with a friend, also contains voices within one's head, often generated by oneself from within, but the voice may original from another person, the person one is speaking to or, someone else altogether. 'Life's adventures', 'stories with truth', 'art experience'!