Farmer in drought seeks Vader!

Jenny interviews prominent Aussie artist Lucy Vader on her move from Nthn NSW to Forbes, droughted Central Western NSW, to support farmer friend Charles. Images in the Gallery below are Lucy's photographs and paintings, they are not for sale here. Contact Michael Reid Gallery, Surry Hills NSW.

Farmer in drought seeks Vader! Lucy's Journey

Lucy experienced some difficulties, with her ute modified to carry 30 canvases.  Lucy's farming adventures, plans and explorations include researching the buying of a huge new tractor for 

Farmer in drought seeks Vader? Lucy in Forbes.

Having settled into the beautiful homestead, and made the huge verandah, all open to the elements, her studio, Lucy in now tackling the day to day requirements of the property.  Will she grow sheep or stick with the Black Angus Cattle?  Happy Birthday, Lucy!!


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