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About Me

Jenny and Pucky


Artist, writer, wise woman, community supporter, communicator, educator. Artistic personal creations for you and for me by Gisborne local artist.



Jenny's Lino-cut Sydney 2017

And My Poetry

Florentine Stars.

Stars, seven sisters, gaze into oblivion.

Millions of ages go by…

Venus says, shine a path for her,

and points.

Seven sisters look to earth,

to Florence,

to Mercato Centrale,

to Mercato di San Lorenzo.

She’s drinking Spritz at her local.

She’s watching leather merchants

wheel their portable market stalls to overnight digs.



 Personal creations for you, poetry, art, video, by this local artist from Gisborne, Victoria. 

She’s watching drivers negotiate the narrowness.

She’s laughing at footy barrackers, yelling and cheering.

She’s thinking of her day..

visits to famous art houses,

Uffizi, Palazzo Pitti, Gallery Academia.

She’s dreaming of dancing,

with David,

so tall,

solid and handsome.

He hasn’t slain Goliath yet, 

so, what’s he so beautiful about, she ponders?

And coming around,

the solid, handsome, bronzed waiter is offering another.

What do the sisters say? 



Graduated from RMIT BA Fine Art, as a talented local artist who will dedicate her artistic creative spark to personalise art for you. Personal creation a speciality and a thrill for you and for me.   

Certificate of Creative Writing, RMIT University, Melbourne, 1990 

Bachelor of Arts, Majors English and Drama, Flinders University, 1991 - 1995

Graduate Diploma of Library and Information Studies from University of South Australia, 1996.

Open University Australia (Curtin University) BA, Fine Art and Visual Culture.

Bachelor of Fine Art, RMIT, 2019.

Artistic Achievements


Group Exhibitions

Selfie, photograph, 2017, RMIT Vice Chancellor’s Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia

Redmond Treehouse, 2017, Artists Guild, Melbourne, Australia (sold)

Hiraeth, Tacit Studio, Abbotsford, Melbourne, December 2018.

Walk A Mile in my Shoes, sponsor TreeHaus, Community Event Williamstown Reserve 2018.

Brunswick Street Gallery, small works, 2018

Linden new Art, postcard show, 2018.

RMIT Graduate Exhibition, Nov 21 to 17, three videos, Connection… each 10.23 mins

Solo Exhibitions.

MOJO Film Festival 2018, awarded for Therapy and Me, my 3.30 min MP4 video 

MOJO film Festival 2019, awarded for Connecting and Creating after Trauma, 7 min MP4 video

Turning & Turning in Redwood State Forest, three videos/screens, RMIT Building 2, Melb.

Facebook Me, Gasworks Park, Mirrors back to back. Melbourne, Australia. November 2018. 


Highly Commended, Hobsons Bay Art Show 2018, Williamstown Harbour, etching, 10 x 8cms. 

Literary Successes


Coordinated, published and launched Visible Ink, RMIT University’s Creative Writing Anthology 1990.

Fill My Cup, produced as a radio play at Flinders University 1992.

Bull-ants and Witch Volcano published online approx. 2000.

Grant Writing, published Queensland Writer’s Centre Magasine approx. 2010.

Death Becomes Us All, Read on SynNation Radio, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. 13 Sept 2018. Hear it at

Syn Nation Radio, hear their interview and reading at

When I Had a Grandpa, and Risking It All, The Corvus RMIT, 11 November 2018.

The Problem with Transference, 2019, in Toxic Relationships, publisher RMIT Bowen Street Press. 

Our Own Words, Collaborative Book Project, 2019. 

Psychology of Sex, published in Medium Online, 17th November, 2019.


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Gisborne, Victoria, Australia

0438 733 165